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Why using a web writing agency ?

An unique representative

By working with an agency, you will have a single representative.  

You will exchange with the project manager who will take care of your writing  project from A to Z.  

He will be in charge of your orders and will accompany you all along the  process, from the receipt of briefs to the delivery of articles.  

Respect of deadlines

By working with a writing agency, you will carry your projects out with the  respect of deadlines.  

Together we will set up an editorial calendar that will be drastically respected.  

You can choose the frequency of delivery of your content and therefore control  your schedule.

High production capacity

A Writing agency can handle an average of 100,000 words per week.  

At Pro-Redaction-Web we can deliver up to 200,000 words per week for your  projects.  

For your larger needs, it would be a benefit for you to use a writing agency to  save considerable time.

Our services


Our writers are selected to offer you the best service. Our range of topics is broad thanks to the multidisciplinary of our writers. Entrust your projects to our writing agency.


We offer rates starting from 5 € per 100 words for general topics. We analyse  hand-in-hand your writing project to provide you the most competitive offer. 


We work in advance with our client’s briefs to deliver articles all along the  month. Our writers’ team offer a quality content while respecting deadlines.


You want to offer relevant content to your audience ? This has a very positive  impact on the behaviors of your website users. We can help you in that way by  offering to outsource your content writing which will enable you to focus on  your core business. Find out our writing web guide to improve your content.


For your Search Engine Optimization, we help you by following a strategic plan  of appropriate content in a first step. Then, we offer you content that can be  delivered in a special format that you would like to have with a direct integration  into your back office if you wish.


We offer our expertise in rewriting web content to avoid all search engine  penalties.

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Advantages of a content agency

A web writing agency, also known as an editorial content agency, is the only  agency that has the expertise to write precise thematic articles with concrete  added value for readers. 

It also has the ability to produce product sheets or sales pages using  suitable techniques for sellers. The articles written, whether thematic articles  or product sheets, are optimised for readers but also for search engines.

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Unique skills

Web writing is not easy for everyone. It is a job that requires specific skills.  Writers need to be open-minded and have a thirst for knowledge.  

Of course, topics to be worked on differ for each order. This is why the web  writer must start by learning about the subject and documenting it in order to  get to grips with it before starting to write the text.  

Writing is a key element of SEO. It is therefore highly recommended to use a  writing agency for all your web projects.

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The purpose of writing

Are you a company or an individual? Would you like to optimise your website?  Do not hesitate to switch for a writing agency to produce your content. Writers  know how to win over the majority of your target audience.  

Writing agencies are aware of the challenge of web content. They know that  website visitors are always in a hurry and are expecting to have the answer to  their question at first glance.  

With content provided by experienced writing agencies, you will be sure to capture the attention of your visitors as quickly as possible. They will discover  well-written and relevant texts with a beautiful layout and design. Nowadays,  being supported by a freelance web writer or writing agency is very important.

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SEO content

Your website will have a special appeal to the public. Web writers do not only  write for your company and its loyal customers. They try to broaden the target  of potential customers thanks to powerful content.  

That is why they anticipate the requirements of search engines. The frequency  of keywords or the right expressions are all tools that writers need to offer  effective content.  

These are all good reasons to ask a web writing agency to produce your texts.  You should remember that web writing agencies are able to deal with various  subjects. They write web content and content for sales pages.

Opt for tailor-made support

Rigor, reactivity and professionalism are, in our point of view, a guarantee of a successful collaboration. Our account managers are attentive to all your projects, and accompany you from the development of your web writing strategy to its implementation. At Pro-Rédaction-Web, we offer a large range of services: product sheets, newsletters, blog articles, thematic content, social media... Whatever your request is, our project managers will offer you the solution adapted to your needs.

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Pro-redaction-web : your web writing agency

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A competitive rate

Do you need web writing? Do not hesitate to contact Pro-redaction-web  agency. The whole team of writers is able for you and pleased to be at your  service. We offer you the best service with quality writing.  

Thanks to its many years of experience, our agency is able to treat all topics  with quality. The writers are rigorous and professional. Each writer has a certain  style that they know how to adapt according to your needs, and master a wide  range of themes.  

Pro-redaction-web agency offers an unbeatable price. The price for general  themes is 5 euros for 100 words. For other themes, the agency analyses your  project to give you the best competitive offer.

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A professional agency

The agency anticipates your needs. They collect briefs in advance in order to  manage the delivery of articles throughout the month, respecting the deadlines  set. Despite deadlines that can be sometimes tight, the agency’s writers are  always committed to offering quality content.  

Pro-redaction-web agency also offers web writing for content marketing. This  kind of content targets a wider audience. Your site will be more visited thanks to  the writing of Pro-rédaction-web agency.  

As accompanied with all web writing work, Pro-redaction-web agency ensures  as well the natural referencing of its content. The content possess an added  value that improves the positioning of websites in search engines. You can  discover our article on a comparison of 7 online spell checkers.

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Quality writing

Pro-redaction-web agency also offers a service for rewriting content to enable  you to systematically update your website. This also avoids search  engine penalties. 

In order to get a good result, it is recommended to collaborate with a web  writing agency. Ask for expert assistance for your web content. Pro-redaction web agency has a team of experienced writers at your disposal.  

These writers are committed to respecting the quality of the content and to  meeting the deadline with clients. All these services are offered to help you at  a very competitive rate. Discover our article How to write an instruction manual?

The importance of writing in SEO

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Writing : THE SEO pillar

Web writing is one of the major pillars of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Content must be diversified, easy to read and correctly written (spelling, syntax,  vocabulary, etc.).  

The writing content need to contain keywords that allow search engines to  place the link and the website’s information that hosts it on the first page.  

The objective of writing is to target to appear on the top position on the search  page and to retain and win reader’s loyalty.

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Reaching the SERPS

In this field, each writer has his own style of writing, his own way of writing texts  and his own way to develop a topic.  

The articles produced thanks to the writing need to arouse the curiosity of the  readers. The first positions (SERPS) in the search engine improve the probability  of 60% to acquire an Internet user via SEO.  

The choice of keywords is therefore important in an article, this is where you can  conquest the public. Information that the web editor is supposed to know  before writing. The mastery of writing techniques in SEO is a requirement.

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Respect of algorithms

Web content must be relevant to the target audience. This is why being  excellent at writing is not always enough for a web editor.  

SEO rules and techniques must be used to improve content, while keeping an  eye on the evolution of the various search engine algorithms. 

Web writing needs writers who have diversified ideas while keeping their  objective in mind, so that the production of their texts scrupulously respects the  rules imposed by natural referencing.

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